Sue Weidemann

I have always had passion for making a difference in my community and for businesses and now I have the joy to do it everyday. I have been in the business of marketing for almost 30 years. I have seen many things change in all those years as I have helped open stores, worked in media, worked in an auto racing series, own my own marketing company, worked in the auto sales industry, worked at the local builders association and now back in full time marketing with an emphasis on web. This allows me and the company I am working with the opportunity to help businesses of all sizes and all over the country.

I pride myself in helping small businesses with creative marketing ideas, media planning, basic websites, and help them out grow me so they are ready for the next level of business. I also help political candidates with campaigns and materials. Both small business and politicians are as passionate as I am about what they do.


HERA Marketing got it’s name from my most important people…my family.  More specific, my children.  As I was trying to come up with a “creative” name for my business I wanted to use the letters of my children’s names. Jennifer, Amanda, Kenneth and Jacqueline.  I couldn’t do anything with the first letters of their names because there were to many consonants. Well at least anything I could pronounce. But as we rearranged the last letters of their names my oldest daughter Jennifer, who had just graduated from Viterbo University and had Greek Mythology said hey “H E R A spells HERA, she was a Goddess”.  Well I was in from there!  So This is HERA…

Proud Member Of The 2016 La Crosse Oktoberfest Family!